Ministry of Education to conduct national examination in year


Somali ministry for Education said that it will administer national examination for students who are to sit extermination of secondary schools in this year.

Mukhtar Abdullahi Haji expressed better hopes that the ministry of education to conduct national examination.

Haji said the ministry of education has planned to carry out unified national examination in the academic year.

He further calls on education umbrella organizations to cooperate with the ministry of education in order to foster the national examination to be done in meantime.

The Horn of Africa nation seeks to revive its education system which has collapsed after the fall Somalia’s central government in early 1991.

Last year, About 7,000 Somali students sat for their final school examination for the first time in 25 years.

This was the first centralized examination in which the federal government administered for students who completed secondary schools in Somalia since 1991.