UAE praised of continued training for Somali troops


United Arab Emirates (UAE) was praised for giving a high level military training to Somali Nation Army (SNA), in a bid to assist Somalia re-establish its armed forces after 25 years.

Speaking with Radio Shabelle, Mohamud Abdi Omar a retired army colonel said UAE is committed to helping Somalia in different sectors, including the training of the armed forces.

“The SNA soldiers trained by UAE are more discipline and professional than those trained by other countries in and abroad,” said Col Mohamed Abdi Omar during the interview.

In 2014, Somalia has sent contingents of its armed forces to the United Arab Emirates and undergone high level military training courses during their stay in the United Arab Emirates.

Col Omar has advising Somalia’s new federal government led by President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo to honor the UAE for the training responsibility of the country’s army.

United Arab Emirates had played a key role in the international anti famine campaign in Somalia in 2011, and launched a continued training activity for the Somali national army.