Survey indicates North Eastern feels least threatened by Al-Shabaab


Saturday, July 23, 2016

IPSOS poll survey indicates North Eastern region feels least threatened by the Al-Shabaab.[Photo/]

Most Kenyans seem less concerned with the main sources of information.As evident in the findings of a survey carried out by IPSOS, many people seem to care little about such current important matters like security.

The research sought to find out whether Kenyans are aware of the country in which the KDF is currently in serving in a peacekeeping mission, Al-Shabaab threats and the repatriation of the refugees back to Somalia.

The North Eastern region is fully aware of these operations at 100% while the western region trails at 64.5%.

Of the 81% who are aware of the KDF an activity in Somalia, the Garissa university attack tops the list of the percentage of those aware at 52% while the Mpeketoni is least known at 7%.

37% of Kenyans say they are aware of the Al-Shabaab attack in El Adde Somalia which caused great loss of life to KDF soldiers.

The North Eastern region leads with 98% while the western region trails with 18%.

The question as to whether the KDF soldiers should withdraw from Somalia or not, it elicited mixed reactions with Jubilee supporters in support of their continued stay while Cord supporters opposed.

Ironically, the findings further reveal that the North Eastern region feels less at threatened by Al-Shabaab at 41% while the Coast region feels most threatened at 72%.

Research was also conducted on whether Kenyans are in support of the government’s decision to repatriate refugees or not.

The central region leads with 82% while the North Eastern region is opposed to this decision at 36%.

The research was conducted between 4th and 18th June this year involving 2076 respondents living in both rural and urban areas.