South-west State Delegates in Lower Shabelle Headed for Marka City – INO


Marka(INO)-The delegates from South-west who were nowadays on visit to Lower Shabelle are now headed for Marka town. Peacemaker, Abdulkadir Mohamed is one of those delegates, Idale News Online Reports.


Mr. Abdulkadir told Media that from No.50 District, they will go to Marka and Afgoye towns today. The delegates are being led by the Minister for Agriculture for the South-west State, Mohamed Hassan Fiqi. On the other hand, security forces were deployed in between Muuri and Elwareegow so as to beef up security during this time when these delegates are in Lower Shabelle.

The delegates are surveying the living conditions of the residents and whether a recent peace agreement between communities who clashed there recently is still functioning.

Idale News Online, Marka.