Somalia President furious at criticism by opposition


In a video rant posted online, Federal Government of Somalia’s (FGS) President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud reacted to a lot of criticism levelled against his government by challengers in the 2016 Presidential vote, IdaleNews Online reports.

Defiant Mohamud–whose Presidential tenure came to an end on September 10 said–the criticism aimed at policies of his administration does no purpose but just achieving a “political objective” in his first reaction to calls for him to step aside for the Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Sheikh Osman (Jawari).

Presidential hopefuls have recently ratcheted up critiques of Mohamud’s drive to cling on to power following September 12 deadline.

He advised contenders to abandon “grazing the government” for the sake of delivering incendiary words. Mohamud’s remarks have come on the heels of a blueprint drafted anew regarding the structure of the Upper House of federal parliament. The debate over seats distribution in the Upper House has remained a moot point in Mogadishu political talks by the weekend.

Coalition for Change, diplomats discuss electoral process 

In a separate development, members of Coalition for Change—predominantly Presidential candidates—have held talks with international diplomats in Mogadishu in the lead-up to upcoming October election.

British Ambassador, Deputy UN envoy to Somalia, Italian Ambassador, and EU and AU representatives roundtabled with the candidates.

Presidential contenders presented four urgently pressing issues, among them swearing in Parliament Speaker as interim President as soon as possible; Keeping neutrality of Electoral Implementation Teams (EITs) at federal and regional levels in check; preventing state funds from being exploited by ruling cliques and postponement of Hiran-Middle Shabelle state formation process.

The sides agreed on the need of ensuring all relevant mechanisms are in place for credible and transparent Presidential election.