Somalia: Federal Govt officials nabbed for deadly raid on military base – INO


Somali security officials have been put behind bars on suspicion of being accomplices in a deadly raid on army base near Mogadishu, Idale News Online reports.

Villa Somalia sources tell GO that the undisclosed number of security commanders were nabbed for possible role in the attack on LaantaBuuro military base, 40km south of Mogadishu.

The detained unit commanders are being interrogated at a police compound in Mogadishu about how such deadly assault could be carried out by militants.

Security experts have been confounded by the seizure by Al Shabaab of nearly seven vehicles including technicals in the apparently coordinated raid.

Al Shabaab military operations spokesman, Abdiasis Abu Musab, asserted responsibility, boasting that they killed scores of government soldiers.

Following, a series of defeats on the frontline in central and southern Somalia, Al Shabaab honed night raids, suicide attacks and assassinations, largely in Mogadishu.