Somali president pledges to create jobs for youth


Somalia newly elected President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo promised that his government will create more jobs for youth and reignite the hope of the people.

In the past two decades, Somalia was facing mass immigration across the Mediterranean Sea that claimed lives of many young Somalis who seeking better life in Europe.

Speaking at his inauguration ceremony held on Wednesday in Somali capital Mogadishu, Farmaajo said Somalia’s youth unemployment rate hit over 80% which led to Somali people be hopelessness and forced the youth escape to Europe and America.

“I’m a parent, I feel for the parents who lost their children in the seas or those who have their loved ones in prisons, we will try to create jobs for the youth,” the new president pledged during his speech at his inauguration ceremony.

Somalia, a country with an estimated of 12 million people has been mired in conflict since the late 1990s.

Amid Somalia faces severe drought which U.N estimated to have affected millions of people, the president promised to come up with a strategy to avert catastrophic situation from the painful droughts.

Farmaajo said that his government will put more efforts on reconciliation, justice and law and rebuilding of the confidence of people in the government.

“We will focus on in the restoration of the confidence of people in the government and also pacifying the town of Galkaayo,” said the president.

He pledged to restore the dignity of Somalia and called on Somalis to help the government solve the fundamental problems lying ahead of it.

Speaking about negotiations with the breakaway Somaliland, the president said he is determined to continue the talks between the sides.

Farmaajo said in his speech that the achievements of his government will be limited due the obstacles surrounding the government.

“Multiple challenges are ahead of our government. Therefore, I am telling Somali people that because of the limited resources we have, our achievements will be limited,” said Farmaajo, adding,”For the last 26 years, there were conflicts and droughts, so it will take other 20 years to fix this country. So my government will focus on basic things.”