Somali cabinet praises Puntland over Alshabab war and calls Somali people to help against the drought situation in the country – INO


The Federal cabinet on this Thursday meeting praised and congratulated Puntland state of what it called the complete defeat of Alshabab fighters in the state. Alshabab fighters have retreated Puntland state territories after intense war with state security forces since 17 of this March. Puntland state confirmed

The cabinet meeting today chaired by Somali Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid also stressed the need of quickening middle shebble and Hiran state formation process which met several setbacks since its inception in Jowhar.

Somali government spokesman Abdisalan Ato said  Somali government  deliberated  the drought situation in the country ‘ the cabinet underlined the need to give attention the drought in the country. Somali people have history of helping each other the government calls Somali people to help each other against the drought’ said the spokesman Adisalan Ato


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