Maareye: “If the people of Hiran and Middle Shabelle don’t form their own state, they will lose so manOy rights beyond that” – INO


The information and tourism minister Mohamed Abdi Hayir Maareye of Somalia who was among the delegates led by prime minister Omar Abdirashid in Baladweyne emphasized the importance of forming central state of Middle-Shabelle and Hiran regions as to be established on the will of communities.

“The country has now adopted the form of federal system and those who have already formed their own regional states are more privileged than those who are still in the progress of formation like Hiran and Middle Shabelle regions,” said Maareye.

He had taken Punt-land as an example where al-Shabab attacked recently, saying that they unitedly came together to defeat the insurgents and are probably turning into Baladweyne of Hiran region as there is no solid form of regional state that can go against them.

He finally called the people of the two regions to establish their state.


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