Influencial Politician Says There is Nothing Called Jubbaland – INO


Gedo(INO)-Influential politician and former Member of Parliament from Gedo region Mohamoud Sayid Adan has denounced the Interim Jubbaland Administration, denying the legitimacy of the whole administration.


There is nothing called Jubbaland state, we only know Interim Jubba Administration which [is] running out of time , and we hope in the near future to form Jubbaland state” he said.
MrAdan also faulted the move by IJA to send high ranking officials to Dolow town to facilitate the selection process of Gedo MPs to the Jubbaland assembly. 
“There have been officials from IJA in Dolow trying to select MPs, but residents told them that their mandate has expired, and they should attend the Garbaharey conference,” he said. 
Mr Adan has been a fierce critic to the IJA since its inception in 2012.
Idale News Online, Gedo.


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