In Picture:Six Al-Shabaab fighters blow themselves up in Burhakaba following police raid – INO


Six Al-Shabaab fighters blew themselves up in Burhakaba district in Bay region after they were cornered by security forces following an operation in the area. On Sunday Idale News Online Reports.

A security counselor in  Baidoa District In the region Mohammed Isaq Aflow told South West Based Independent Station the six were holed up in a house when they were surrounded by a special police unit.

“When the police finally zeroed in on the house, the six refused to surrender but instead blew themselves up. Three others were captured alive,” said Aflow.

The operation followed a tip off from members of the public. Sources say the cell was preparing to launch explosions in the small villages in Burhakaba early hours of Sunday.

Idale News Online, Baydhabo