Daba-geed describes the arrivals of top government layers in Baladweyne as matter of making a satisfactory solution -INO


The PC of Hiran region Yusuf Ahmed Hagar known as Daba-geed who spoke about the arrivals of the top Somali government layers including the president and prime minister at Baladweyne described as matter of making a satisfactory solution for the communities of the region entirely.

Until proper solution is found here, leaders will be making their way to us, Daba-geed responded after questioning about the numerous arrivals of the leaders in Baladweyene.

Dabageed said that the prime minister met the communities of the region and have unanimously agreed on many issues–but the point that still remains impermeable is the sharing of delegates and what figure each community would be allocated to.

“Each community wants to have the major share,” Daba-geed said. “And that is why its difficult to go through and move forward.”

The Somali prime minister Omar Abdirashid and the delegations were in Baladweyne.