BREAKING: Somalia’s electoral body dismisses re-election of Sports Minister


Somalia’s electoral body has dismissed the victory of Somalia’s minister for Youth and Sports, Mohamed Abdullahi Noah in parliamentary election that took place on Saturday in Jowhar town. Idale News Online Repots.

One of Federal Indirect Electoral Implementation Team (FIEIT) officials who asked anonymity said that the electoral body is not aware of the re-election of minister and the disqualification of the minister is valid.

“The issue of Noah (the minister) was previously talked about,” said the officials through Short Message Service (SMS).

The statement is contrary to the parliamentary election held in Jowhar which the minister garnered 41 votes while his female opponent got 9 votes.

Speaking to Local Media after the election the minister said the election was legitimate.

“The disqualification of someone from the election is decided by a court, now I contested and the outcome will be announced by the electoral body,” said Noah.